3 Way to Qualify
  • Personal Credit – with a 680 or better credit score, on time payments and at least a decent sized credit card, you can qualify for $15k to $150k in 0% Business/Personal credit lines/cards at 0% for up to 18 months.

7 Figure Funding

Qualify for the best funding options to grow your business through our Proven Funding Marketplace This is the best option for funding your start-up business. This lender belevies in the american dream and was created to support it.

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  • Income – with verifiable personal income (w2 if employed, last 2 yrs taxes if self employed) and manageable personal debts you can qualify for up to $100k

  • Business Financials – with business bank statement deposits of $15,000 per month over the last 90 days there are loan options and of course with 2 years of profitable business/personal tax returns there are funding options up to $1 Million.